How to open directories using cmd?

Open command prompt, I will encourage you to open it as administrator. It will look something like this: Now, if you want to open any folder first you have to switch to that partition. For switching a partition you can directly write directory name like “G:“, it will change my directory to “G:\” Now, to…

8 Queens – WEEK 1 (Python)

Hi guys, today I’m going to write a post about my CT project. In this project I’m going to make 8 Queens, this is a game in which player is supposed to place 8 queens on the 8×8 board so that non of the queen is threat to other queen. In this post I will cover what platform I used to program this game.

How to install Pyglet for Python 3

Before installing pyglet, you are supposed to install a python IDE/editor. Most people use Python and PyCharm. I’m assuming that you already have PyCharm, if you don’t have it here is the tutorial to install PyCharm.