Convert .py to .exe

To convert your python source code to exe, you have to install pyinstaller. For that run cmd (command prompt) as administrator. Once in there, write


Piano Tiles – Week 4 (Python)

We still have that problem, about clicking the same tile twice. We went through code so many times and did so many changes but still it didn’t help. So we thought to live it there and go along and made menu screen, end screen and added music. For menu screen we just simply displayed text on…

Piano Tiles – Week 3 (Python)

Our this week aim was to check if the person clicks on the right tile or not, and if any tile goes out of the screen without being clicked. For that we made Button class in it we introduced a function click, the purpose of this function was to take the x,y coordinates of the…

Piano Tiles – Week 2 (Python)

In this week we started working on the basic requirements, of our project. That was to generate tiles randomly on the top of screen and then make them fall. We also had to increase the speed of the falling tiles as our score increases. For our first part, generate random tiles on screen, we used randint…

8 Queens – WEEK 5 (Python)

In “winning” function, I’m using 2 nested loops of length of “queen_details”. Then I called another function, queen_safe, in it

8 Queens – WEEK 4 (Python)

I called this function in other function ‘on_mouse_press’. I passed 3 argument in this function. Row number, column number and the tile number on which mouse was clicked. My program is working just fine, but their

8 Queens – WEEK 3 (Python)

  As you guys know, I’m also in learning stage. Till this week I didn’t know how to place one image on other, with transparent background. So I made all those queens for each tile. But now I know how to place one image on other, with transparent background. So there is no need to…